Sunday, April 19, 2009

#1: Tonight You Belong to Me By Billy Rose and Lee David

Cover Club is an idea William Learned and I came up with the other night. I already posted this in my status update, but I figure it'll be easier to track it as a note. I'd make videos instead but I don't have that capability. Technically, this is last weeks entry, which I guess is week one. I'll be posting week two's entry shortly. There are no real rules for cover club except for that you should record and post one cover song per week somehow. It doesn't matter who you are, what instrument you play, or how you record, video or audio. Just post it in a manner similar to this and let people know about it. It can grow, and it should.

Tonight You Belong to Me
By Billy Rose, Lee David

Brett Kasden: Guitar, Vocals
Monique Leuchtenmueller: Vocals, Mouth Trumpet

Recorded with a standard tape deck
Imported into Garage Band

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